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Kabura na Glock'a Symbo. Rzep. Dla praworęcznych. V2

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Contribution to Glock.
Replaceable insert / holster, dedicated to carrying handguns in Husarz and Lisowczyk kidneys.
The cartridge is equipped with a double weapon fastening system, consisting of an adjustable Shockcord strap and an elastic strap fastening the middle part of the weapon.
The shockcord fastening the rear part of the weapon's breech is equipped with a Cordura flap, which enables easy securing of the weapon or its quick release. The adjustable Shockcord allows, depending on the length, for a stable mounting of the weapon in several ways, depending on the needs or fantasy of the user.
A removable cartridge for carrying weapons will transform a Husarz or Lisowczyk kidney into a comfortable, handy and safe holster for carrying weapons. The fasteners are adapted to handguns with dimensions corresponding to, for example, Glock 17/19, Colt 1911, etc. A square insert on the inside of the rubber stiffens and covers the trigger.

High-quality hard Velcro, 50mm wide flat rubber and leathercraft threads were used for the production of the insert.

In the Husarz bag, you can comfortably carry 2 additional magazines, and the external straps in the MOLLE standard allow you to attach additional pouches to the kidney.

Holster adapted for right-handed people

The TACTICAL Rynsztunek line consists of products for the most demanding customers.
We decided to show that in Poland it is possible to create one of the best products in the world in the military and sports category.
Red is Bad SYMBO stands for innovative materials and practical technological solutions.

The face of the wolf in the brand's logo is a symbol of courage, bravery and tenacity - qualities that also characterized the Cursed Soldiers. This awe-inspiring predator is the king of the forest, associated with the strength, independence and complete freedom of a wild animal.

The Symbo philosophy is the highest quality, which is the merit of Polish sewing rooms and suppliers of raw materials. We can proudly say: Polish production. Polish quality.

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