RED IS BAD is a brand for people who value freedom and are proud of Polish history.

We remind us of the forgotten heroes and the independence uprisings of our ancestors. We are from here. We don't want to give up tradition. We are not afraid to take matters into our own hands. We believe in private initiative and hard work. The highest quality and Polish production is a key issue for us.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that RED IS BAD was born right here - in Poland.
In a country with a beautiful history, whose inhabitants value freedom above all else.

It was the Poles who stopped the Red Tide in 1920, saving Europe from the deluge of Bolshevism. It was in Poland during the Second World War that the largest and best organized resistance movement in Europe at that time was established. It was the Poles who never came to terms with the rule of the USSR. It was here that the heroes of the underground fought armed with the communists until 1963, and it was here that the disintegration of the evil empire created by Stalin began. Remembering these achievements allows us to look to the future with optimism.

Paweł i Kuba, or how Red is Bad was created

We know each other from high school times. These were the times of Poland's accession referendum to the European Union. Even then, we were going against the tide ... We were the only ones in the class against Poland's accession to the EU, which at that time was considered a considerable extravagance. After high school, our paths diverged, and then in 2012 they cross again. It all started with an after-hours Facebook page, which was an expression of our disappointment with the direction in which the Polish state and Polish politics were drifting at the time. Original graphics published on the fanpage, commenting on current events and reminiscent of beautiful, but often painful pages from our history, met with an incredibly positive reception. Fans started to arrive. There were more and more suggestions that we should produce T-shirts with graphics related to those we post on Facebook. Without hesitating for a long time, we decided to take a risk and investing all our savings, we sewed the first batch of T-shirts, which sold quickly. It was the beginning of a long journey to where we are today. It is hard to believe that two years ago our warehouse and office were located in Paweł's room, and the entire design department was made up of one person - Kuba. In short: we did everything ourselves for the first year. What we always emphasize is the fact that the entire project was created without a subsidy from the European Union and without a wealthy investor. Our capital was the kindness of people and the huge commitment of fans on Facebook, thanks to them and thanks to hard work from dawn to night, in just two years we managed to build a thriving clothing company.

Polish production = the highest quality

We sew our clothes in Poland. This is very important for us. We strive to ensure that all components from which RED IS BAD products are made are manufactured in our country. Knitwear, labels, zippers, skins, strings, patches, overprint paints ... - we do it all. We are pleased to discover the potential of native, often small plants, which survived the difficult times of communism and the 1990s and are still able to deliver top-class products. We can proudly say: Polish production. Polish quality.

RED IS BAD is not only about clothes

From the very beginning, we have been actively involved in helping veterans, promoting historical and freedom events, and social campaigns. We had the honor to be the co-organizers of the action that led to the creation of the first Monument to Captain Pilecki in the capital. We engage our own financial resources, helping to promote patriotic films, such as the film "Pilecki", which was made without state subsidies, or "Historia Roj" - the first film about the Cursed Soldiers. We also support talented Polish sportsmen. More information about our actions and initiatives:

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